Rev. Joshua Sidgwick

I am an ordained Healing Minister and founder of Facets of Shadow which features several websites including Facets of ChristoPaganism and my Etsy Shop where you can discover my hand made jewellery.

I am certified in Crystal & Gem Healing as well as Angel Reading. I also have experience in a variety of other modalities including divination and energy healing. I am a certified delegate of the light and enjoy exploring new study and modalities. I am also currently studying a degree in Metaphysical Sciences.

The fresh energy of love and youthful light that I aim to bring forward is to give further balance and harmony to this often chaotic world. I have come from a diverse background, growing, understanding and helping many along the journey.

As a healer, I can see into many different realms and work with a wide range of beings that come forward from the God Creator energy. This includes through tarot readings as well as through the healing energies of crystals and gemstones.

Currently I am available by appointment at Hugs Cottage in Bendigo, VIctoria, Australia where I offer face to face Healing & Guidance as well as Skype and telephone consultations. It is my goal to help people discover their many facets and I look forward to helping you too.